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MAr 18th Eva Berlin Diary: How musicians deal with coronavirus in Berlin. Contrabass, violin concert at Werkhalle Wiesenburg

On Friday, March 20th, 2020 Coronavirus cases reached 17,500+ at 2:30 p.m. All the major music events and concerts are canceled due to Coronavirus. Yesterday I went to a private concert held in Werkhalle Wiesenburg . A Swedish artist Thomas Bo Henriksson manages this place: Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin. A New Yorker artist Gardener Buutz invited me here. Adam Goodwin, the #contrabass player, Chatschatur Kanajan, the Russian #violinist and @shastaelbow , the Canadian #violinist played a #improvisedmusic , and it was so inspiring. Meanwhile, the audience (or friends) drew lines and wrote with pastels on the paper. @ Arryn Snowball threw leaves on the floor. It was such a release . Happy Corona, one person wrote. This is how musicians and artists cope with #coronavirus in Berlin

코로나바이러스19로 베를린의 모든 음악회 콘서트가 취소 되었다. 어제 부츠의 초대로 스웨덴 화가인 토마스의 집에서 열린 미니콘서트에 갔다. 우리는 12명 정도 였고, 연주자들이 #콘트라베이스 #바이올린 을 연주하는 가운데 관객들은 앞에 나와 그림을 그리고, 연주자들은 그 그림을 악보 삼아 즉흥연주를 해나간다. 화가인 아린은 공연 중 낙엽을 뿌린다. 베를린의 음악가, 화가들이 이렇게 코로나19 에 대응하는 구나.

#creators gathered in #werkhallewiesenburg . It was different form of #concert . It was more like a #conversation of #music and #art . It was #improvisation and #experiment , and #everybody actively participated in it.

What I drew during the performance.

What the audience drew during the performance.

Thomas showed me his Japanese equation.
"They try to achieve perfection. But they failed. The cracks. It's the perfection achieved from the crack," Thomas said.

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