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Mar 19th Eva BErlin Diary: hiking Grunewald and 9 Things I learned about Teufelsberg

Chaewon Yoo

Yesterday I went #hiking to Grunewald with Eric. The sky was cloudy, but it cleared up later. We started walking from #grunewald and got on the train at #heerstraße . It’s the highest hill you can see in Berlin, and it’s full of history. Eric told me that US Army used to have a listening system here. It must be pretty spooky to walk around here at night. Apart from that, the hill had #rubbles from the houses that were destroyed during the Second World War. Despite of the #corona a lot of families came here with their children and I even saw a lady swimming in the lake. While taking a rest, Eric taught me German, while I taught him Chinese. Eric brought spinach pie, pistachio, mandarin in his backpack for lunch and snack which he shared with me. (So prepared!) The picture was taken on top of the hill where I could see the panoramic view of #berlin . Eric thanks for bringing me here.

Heute bin ich mit ein Freund in der Wald gegangen. Hier ist sehr schon. Ab gestern haben wir keine Kulturfraß weil Alles abgesagt ist. In den Wald gibt es ein Teufelssee.

Today I went to the forest with a friend. It is very Beautyful here. As of yesterday, we have no Kulturfraß (TU Berlin's weekly gathering) because everything has been canceled. There is a devil's lake in the forest.

German Conversation with Eric about Teufelsberg

Chaewon: Meinst du das ist ein traurig Ort? (Do you think this is a sad place?)
Eric: Nein, ein ausgeladen Ort. (No, an unloaded place)


E: Alles sind Trümmer (rubbles)

Chaewon: Kochst du oft?

E: Häufig (oft)

C: Was brauchst man im Leben?
E: Gesundheit, friend, Bewusst sein (being conscious)

C: Ich folge dir. / Ich bin an deine Ziele (I will follow you)

E: Das ist ein fart (?), ein Weg. (trail)

C: Koreans need to prepare well for the reunification. (Koreaner müssen sich gut auf die Wiedervereinigung vorbereiten.)

Our hiking route

Grunewald Bahnhof (S7 bahn) > Sandgrube im Jagen 86 des Grunewaldes, 14193 Berlin > Teufelsberg, Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin > Drachenberg, 14055 Berlin > Heer Strase (S bahn)

9 Things I learned about Teufelsberg from Wikipedia

1. Teufelsberg means Devil's Mountain in German

2. It is a man-made hill in Berlin, Germany, in the Grunewald locality of former West Berlin.

3. It's 120.1 metres (394 ft) above the sea level, in the north of Berlin's Grunewald Forest.

4. In the 1940s, the shell of the military engineering faculty stood on the site of today's Teufelsberg , which was to be built as part of the National Socialist project of the world capital Germania . Shortly after the Second World War the plant was blown up, partly demolished and used as building material.

5. From 1950 to 1972, a total of 26 million cubic meters of rubble had been dumped here. The artificially heaped up Teufelsberg became the highest site elevation in what was then West Berlin .

6. In the 1950s, the US Army discovered the mountain as an excellent location for a listening system. ...For this purpose, five antenna domes were built over time, which took over surveillance tasks during the Cold War far into the Warsaw Pact area .

7. The facility on the Teufelsberg was now mainly owned by the National Security Agency(NSA) operated and served as part of the global Echelon spy network .

8. In the summer of 2016, landlord Marvin Schutte opened the site to visitors who are able to climb the listening station towers and admire the ever-evolving "street art gallery" that fills the site's abandoned buildings.

9. As of April 2017, entry to the site is €5 payable at the main entrance gate and a sign informs visitors that it is open from 10am to "one hour before sunset."

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