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Jan 5th Eva Berlin Diary: Jewish Memorial in Berlin, 7 Reasons Why I love Hamburg So much

Happy new year everyone. It was amazing to greet 2020 in Berlin. Here's what happened on my third week in Berlin, and first week of 2020.

This week, I started German course in Berlin.

Weekly expenditure:

178 euros (67 euros for food / 73 euros for transportation / 26.5 euros for shopping a dress and shirt / 11 euros for sightseeing Jewish Memorial, and a walking tour in Hamburg)

Other expenses:

205 euros for 1 month intensive A1.1 German course

900 euros for 2 months shared flat in Wedding area (450 euros a month)

78 euros for buying presents for Grace in Egypt

People I met:

Frankfurt - Ira (Hamburg, Russia), Konstantin (Hamburg, saxophone), Bosse (Hamburg), Phil (Hamburg), Nico (Bergedorf), Tobias, Tan

Berlin - Alex (Poland), Rashad (Syria), Nils' birthday party - Eric, Gayoon, Eunji

Diaries from Dec 30th to Jan 5th

Dec 30

I decided

Dec 31

Now I have only 44 minutes in 2019. There are things that I’m happy about.

2019년 마지막 날. 서른 살 마지막 날, 나는 하루종일 집에 있었다. 우선 내가 올해 후회하는 일들을 짚어 보았다. 그리고 내가 계속 이렇게 살면 어떻게 될까 생각했다. 도대체 베를린에서 제대로 살려면 어떻게 해야 하는 것일까 고민했다. 그러다 떠오른게 현진이가 빌려준 <베를리너> 책이었다. 처음에는 그저 좋은 장소만 보려고 빌린 것인데, 책 속의 각기 다른 국적의 베를리너들의 이야기를 들으면서 용기를 얻었다. 나는 마지막 남은 누룽지를 먹으면서 책을 탐독했고, 책 속에 나온 장소들을 방문할 날짜를 1월 달력에 표시했다. 한편 독일어에 익숙해지기 위해 독일어 회화를 틀어두었다. 이대로 저녁을 보낼 수는 없어 친구를 만나러 집을 나왔다. 2020년이라니, 1990년에 태어난 나에게는 이렇게 0으로 딱 떨어지는 이 해가 더더욱 나에게 와닿는다. 내년에는 더 적극적으로 시도하고 창작을 하기로 다짐했다. 모두 새해 복 많이 받으세요! My last day of 2019. I stayed home all day. I just came out to see my friend. Now it’s 6:36 and I hear fireworks coming out from the city center. #2019 #2019년안녕 #12월31일 #서른살을살았어 #서른살안녕

Jan 1

I knew that this day would come. And I came. Now I’m thirty one in Korean age.

#newyearseveinberlin I took a U8 Bahn to Alexanderplatz. Muslim women wearing hijab and dress were chatting opposite to me. A guy was avidly sketching something. On my right, Turkish men holding beer bottle on their hands were chatting. As we got off the station, we heard more fireworks and firecrackers. As we walked, we saw a long queue in front of a club. The ticket fee was 128 euros. We walked past the beautiful city hall of Berlin, and went up to the 6th floor. We had the direct view of #tvtowerberlin . Last time when I saw the tower from my friend’s house, it looked quite artificial. However, this time only seeing the trunk of it, it looked more mysterious, like a step of a giant flower. We were surrounded by the noise of the fireworks. It was now 1 minute left to 2020. Fireworks were already getting ready for a new start. As we busily captured the fireworks with our iPhone, later I realized that it was 12:03. It was #2020 . #alexanderplatz #fireworks #berlin #germany I woke up at 6 am, and started to read “Goodbye to Berlin”. // Ich ging zum Alexanderplatz, um ein Feuerwerk zu sehen

Jan 1

I went to Judisches Museum in Berlin, and I spent 5 hours there. While seeing the exhibition, I could hear the clinking sound coming out from this place. First I thought it was sound of restaurant busily organizing the dishes. But when I entered the room, “The Memory Void” was filled with 10,000 faces. Apart from here, I really liked the Alef for... exhibition. I remembered the days in Israel. I didn’t know that Haribo is made from fish rather than pig. I also didn’t know Jewish people have red and blue culinary not to mix milk and meat products. #judischesmuseum #berlin #germany #jewishmemorial #thememoryvoid #faces

In Jewish Memorial, there was a exhibition of photographs. My favorite photographer was Wendy Ewald. She invited local children and adults to photograph themselves and their lives.

#gardenofexile it was chilly outside, and I walked though the narrow trail surrounded by 49 concrete stelae. The oleaster growing on top is a symbol of hope. It says “it recalls the lack of orientation and instability felt by the emigres forced out of Germany” #jewishmemorial #judischesmuseum #berlin #germany

Jan 2

I’m living with Korean girl Sue and Norwegian boy Nils. Sue bought a beautiful #freesia . Last night Nils cooked delicious 깐풍기 for us. Afterwards we had mango icecream watching #arthdalchronicles Netflix. We all went to bed at 12. I got up this morning and finished my #blueberries . I took this picture waiting for the bread to pop out of the toaster. #breakfast #tomato #cucumber #oliveoil #cheese #nuts

11:00 a.m.

It’s a beautiful morning with a blue sky. I came out early this morning to go to VHS (die Berliner Volkshochschulen) Berlin Mitte on Antonstrase. Prenzlauer Allee station is built between the little fields, so I love this station. It really shows the beauty of graffiti and the nature. I took S42 to come to Wedding. Ah.. I remembered the first day in Berlin. Passing through Wedding, then I thought the name is so romantic. I came too early to VHS, and I’m now waiting outside the door. The sign says: Bitte warten Sie hier.

12:00 p.m.

I didn’t expect the registration process to take this long! I had to cancel the FlixBus booking. I felt so bad. I’m still waiting to pay.
So if you decide to study at VHS,
First, you need to be there before 11, because there will be a long line.
Second, the consulting and the test, and the payment combined will take more than 1 hour. I was the third person in the line, and I still waited
Third, I noticed the test was all about choose ein / eine / einen and der / den. I only focused on the conjugation of the verbs, so I had to really pick one of them. I got 5.5 points. I needed 8 points to go up to the A1.2 level, so that’s how I got into A1.1 level. I’m really excited about next week’s class. It’s gonna be intensive!

5:00 p.m.

I arrived in Hamburg, and I’m in McDonald’s waiting for Irina to come. After 3:30 hours of bus ride, I didn’t wait to sit down. So I walked around the Hamburg ZOB central maybe 4 times, and finally I came into the McDonald’s. I tell you it’s been 2 years that I came in here. I think the last time was in a Chinese airport hoping that there is better WiFi connection.

Learning German

Kleine Augenblick (Just a moment)

Franzbrötchen (The famous and must eat bread in Hamburg)

Moin : Hallo in Hamburg

Die Musik
Ich bin 8 Jahre älter: I'm 8 years older than you.
Sehr glücklich: very happy

Gesundheit : bless you !
Angenommen : comfortable
Lass dir Zeit : take your Time
Ich bin allgemein schnell im trinken: Im quick on any drinks

Die Himmel is grau, blau
Die Baum is Gros
In winter fallen die Blätter von die Baumann
Jelias nicht ; good Job
Die bank is nass: The bench is wet

Jan 5th

7 Reasons Why i love Hamburg So much

Dear J

Hamburg is so beautiful. It was only 4 days in the city. but I felt the time went by like an arrow. Here's 7 reasons why I love Hamburg so much.

First, it’s a city full of music.

I’m listening to Kate Shine’s cello. You know when a music penetrates your heart. It’s sometimes like a spear, and it sharps out your soul. I just had to stop there to listen to her play. It was so strong and it captured me completely. It was even like Zepiros bring me to that cello sound. After I had to turn back towards ZOB to catch a bus to Berlin. I kept humming the melody. I’m in the bus heading to Berlin, and I’m listening to the record again. I have to come back to Hamburg, to listen to music.

This song is like part of me. It brings the desperation I have. I made me conjure up so many memories in the past. From the recent ones in Hamburg, to the old ones. It reconnected me to those memories. It was like a magnet to my spine. It electrifies me and I feel it in my spine, my pillar of soul. It make me sit straight and wakes me up. I see myself, my reflection in the window. And it understands me. The music understands me. It consoles me.

I felt that my soul is like winter deep inside. I have such emotions that connect to winter. Also because I cycled mostly in winter. Now I get to reflect myself, observe myself.

I left part of me in Hamburg.

There are people who I connect with the music. D, H and K are those examples. It connects me to them, because we communicated with music drawing and dance rather than words. We connected with art. D is like the shadow of my sorrow.

Second, my favorite jazz bar is Birdland


I drew the #jazzmusicians at #birdland in #Hamburg . I know it looks like child drawing, but it’s valuable to record the moment before the song ends. After the performance, I met the musicians, and I thanked them. Hamburg is such an amazing city.

My dear J
I’m in Birdland in Hamburg. I’m listening to a Swedish song. I didn’t know what time it was / J it’s so enjoying to listen to jazz in Germany. Because it’s the country, I think, that works by rules and system. I love the improvising of this jazz. They are feeling it. They seem very comfortable. All the people fall into it. The saxophone really touches my heart. I guess I really lived my life with love. Because it really come into my heart. The Swedish singer, the pianist, and the German guys playing the Saxophone, Base and drum are beautiful. Because they are in to it. / Slowing walking through town / Turnjng of the last season. “I’m toxicated by the scent of spring. The promises starts to whisper. It kisses winter goodbye. Good bye.” Konstantin Herleinsberger (Saxophone)
Tilman Oberbeck (Base)
clarafornander (vocal)
domeharris (drum)
pianofia (piano)
#birdland #hamburg #jazz #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings #germany

"There is just one language in life" Evonne says.

Third, my favorite cafe is Gnosa cafe.

#zitronenpie and #cappuccino at #gnosacafe in #hamburg . I fully cherished the moment I spent here. For the #firsttime in #germany I invited myself for a piece of cake. Wow... it was so good. I realized how much I like #zitronen flavors. I love the light, golden wall paper, red seats, window looking out the hof , the pictures, and the server in this cafe. It’s a place full of inspiration. #cafe #gnosa

Fourth, #fishmarket in #hamburg is amazing.

With Nico, Tan, and Tobias, we got up early and came to Fischmarkt 8 am in the morning. The sunrise was beautiful. We enjoyed waking through the merchants and watching the bargaining. #fischmarkt #fischmarkthamburg #8am #port #sunrise #seagull #sea #hamburgerfischmarkt #january

Fifth, rain and fog in Hamburg

I visited #wasserschloss in the rain. I walked 26464 steps all day, walking in the rain. It was super cold, and my shoes, socks, turtle neck, coat got wet. But Hamburg in the fog was stunning. It sure was a beautiful port city. Today I went to sand dunes with Nico, Tranh and Tobias. Then we cooked wrap and ate together. After dinner we talked about gettingtough challenge and all watched #seekroad YouTube. Yup it was great day in #hamburg

Sixth, Neungamme Concentration Camp

I went to #neuengammeconcentrationcamp with Nico. The area was very vast and the place seemed so hollow with the sound of the wind. And the #windpower generator was keep spinning behind the camp. We went into the exhibition. On the second floor, there were 10 picture books drawn by the Jewish people who were prisoners in concentration camps. Those pictures were so real, and scary. I could feel it. Those pictures had such a power that I kept on flipping to the next page, then to next book, without saying a word. My friend Nico didn’t say much thing. We were both silent. When I went into the bathroom, I got scared. Knowing that this is the place where Jewish people were, I felt so bad. It really made me think about the past. After watching so many films like #schindlerslist #zookeeperswife #pianist and #lifeisbeautiful , it was so much better to just visit here. I should really learn from the past. I found hope, and the energy of new life here as well. Little plants growing out of the pebbles, the moss on the tree, and the visitors of the memorial were the hope. There was blue clear sky when we came out of the concentration camp. #germany #hamburg #neuengamme

Seventh, Bergedorf

I’m in #bergedorf . It’s a little town on the east of #hamburg . It has a beautiful castle, church and village. I walked through the town this morning in the rain, and I learned some new German words. #schloss #hamburgbergedorf

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