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Dec 30th Eva Berlin Diary: Christmas, Dresden and Potsdam

This week, I met two of my Korean friends studying in Europe: Yewon, studying computer science in Copenhagen, Denmark and Hyeonjin, studying art in Dresden, Germany.

I found a flat in Berlin! As for the language course, and all the businesses start on Jan 2nd in Germany.

Weekly expenditure:

136 euros (90 euros for food / 40 euros for transportation / 6 euros for sightseeing Zwinger gallery)

People I met:

Berlin - Yewon, Jeanie

Dresden - Hyeonjin & Chris

Potsdam - Chris, Ben, Lu, Maya, Toya

Diaries From Dec 23rd to Dec 30th

Dec 23rd

This is the start of second week in Berlin. For the first time, it rained. It got more wet and chilly but it’s ok. I wore 3 layers inside. This morning I got up at 6 am. It’s because I slept at 10:14 pm yesterday. I was very tired.

When I got up, I told myself, now is the time for you to create something in a new way. I wanted to write it in English. So first I came up with two titles, then I searched on Google. Reading other’s posts about Berlin, I knew I could do the same. I opened seekroad website and started writing in English. It was easier than writing in Korean. As I write, I pulled the diaries I wrote on Instagram. That's how last week's post was created.

12/24 11:03

Dear J,

It’s Christmas Eve, just like my name. Yes it’s a day for me. I mean, nobody would think like that, but I like to put it that way. All the eves are beautiful. Like New Year’s Eve.

I think back, how I spent my last Christmas. Last year was my favorite, spending the day with Dominic and her family. This year, it’s more ordinary.

12 p.m. 

I met Yewon at Mitte. Yewon used to be an English teacher in high school. But after visiting Denmark, she decided to move to Copenhagen. She's now studying computer science in Copenhagen.


Nils, Jung-su, Celine and I had Norwegian Christmas dinner together. Nils prepared Pinnekjøtt; a salted sheep, Kohlrabi stap, Gullrot stap; carrot in cream and Erte stuing; bean. For drinks, we had #rotkäppchen champagne which I brought, a shot of #aquabit and #pomergranate juice. To prepare #pinnekjøtt , Nils steamed the meat for 2 hours. Wow it’s my first time to spend #norwegian #christmas . I thank the host Nils very much! After the meal, I handed my present: tea for good night sleep and SeekRoad postcard. Merry Christmas !

Dec 25th 10:00

On #christmas day in #germany🇩🇪 all the shops are closed. So for the first time in Germany, I stayed home all day until 6:30pm. I watched Netflix movie #fyre , wrote blogs while listening to #christmasjazz and drinking #rotkäppchen . It’s good to be #homealone in #berlin .

일부러 독일에서 크리스마스를 보내려고 여기 온건데 크리스마스 마켓을 몇 개를 다녀도 어떤 공허함이 있다. 그게 껍데기라면, 알맹이는, 크리스마스는 정말 사랑하는 친구, 가족이랑 보내야 하는 것 같다. #크리스마스이브 새벽 5:30에 눈이 떠졌다. 그리고 어떤 외로움을 느꼈다. 그래서 한 시간에 걸쳐 친구들에게 가족들에게 음성메시지를 남겼다. 다들 많이 보고 싶다. 그만큼 더 열심히 잘 해야지. #독일생활 #카톡

I was not feeling well in my stomach. And I had a headache. Then I heard a beautiful voice singing. I thought it was coming from outside. I went outside to go to the church. I thought their is a choir in the church. When I tried to open the door, it was locked. I came back home to find that the choir was coming out from my laptop. I found a treatment. I listened to choir music and sat in the sofa, looking out the window. It was drizzling outside and the sky was white.

Dec 27th

I visited my friend Hyunjin, now studying art in #dresden . We met through Naver blog. She started to read my blog, and when I was cycling, she always left long and sincere comments about how she felt reading my blog. I told me that she lives in Berlin. We finally met in Korea in August, and became friends. In December, we met in Dresden, her new home. It’s amazing how blog can help you make friends! #frauenkirche #christmasmarket #gluewine #hotbeer #germany

Hyunjin’s house in #dresden . Her house was beautifully decorated with #litcandles and #animaldolls . We cooked 떡볶이 thukkpoki for lunch, and had stollen and cookies with flower tea. For dinner we cooked chicken, salad and rice. We talked about our life, and we went to bed at 12. #germany🇩🇪 #tisch #table #tischdeko #winter

DEC 28th 9:35 am
I’m waiting for a tram 11 at the platform. Dresden is a lovely city. Just like a beautiful dress, the city is covered with soft waves of domes. I’ve been to Dresden university of Visual arts, and I couldn’t believe that it’s a university. If I wasn’t told, I would have thought it’s a government building or a museum. The Elbe river flows through the heart of the city.

I am in Holy Cross Church. I was pretty shocked when I came inside, because the walls and pillars looked like they are made of some sort of rock or paper. I knew from the museum that the church was destroyed, and it was amazing to see how they restored it. The surface of walls seem very rough.

Dec 29th

Potsdam is such a magical place. It has Dutch buildings like this, and UNESCO designated Sanssouci palace. It is said that it was built by Frederich second, and the palace consists of many beautiful gardens and a vineyard. Sanssouci means “no worry and fear”. I wondered what would it be like to live here as a royal family. It must be quite monotonous daily life. At the same time, I realized the pass of time, now that it’s filled with so many tourists. It’s my first time traveling together like this with a friend, and for that reason, the visit was more fun. And now that we share memories, we got closer. Hyeonjin and I first met as bloggers on NAVER, and now we are good friends living in Germany. #germany #potsdam #hollandische #viertel

Hyeonjin, Chris and I went to #universitypotsdam . I had my mouth open all time as I walk through the campus. It was the most beautiful campus building I have ever seen. The Roman pillars and high corridors, the blue sky and the pink and mint colored architectures below... I really realized how much Germany think the students are important. It was also surprising to hear that below this beautiful building, there is a dancing hall. #germany #potsdam #newpalace #neuenpalais

At 4pm Hyeonjin, Chris, Ben, Toya and I walked along #heiligersee . The clouds first turned into cotton candy, orange, then to gold. As we walked, I kept on looking back. We turned back when we touched Marble Palace. Across the lake, we saw castles, churches, and mansions lit with warm lights. I noticed why a lot of wealthy and old people choose to live here. The last picture is view from neoclassical Marble Palace, where the heads of the Allied states met and set the course for German and European post war development with the famous Potsdam Agreement. #germany #potsdam #sunset #lake #newgarden #view #nofilter

현진이는 캐나다 사람인 얀 마텔의 <포르투갈의 높은 산>, <각하 문학을 읽으셔야 합니다>를 좋아하고, 한국 소설가는 윤희영을 좋아한다고 했다. 그녀는 식탁에서 글을 쓴다고 했다.

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