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china promenade - eva yoo, 2018

oil painting depicting the cycling journey from Shanghai to Xi'an. inspired by The Promenade - Marc Chagall

Dear Jianan,

I finally finished my oil painting, China Promenade. I painted our 22 day cycling journey from Shanghai to Xi'an. I borrowed the structure from Marc Chagall's painting, The Promenade. Last Saturday was my first holiday after cycling 11 days straight without a rest day. To rest my soul, I came to a art studio in Xi'an, and I painted what I wanted to paint for a long time.

The Promenade - Marc Chagall

Elements in my painting 1. The Promenade - Marc Chagall

The Promenade - Marc Chagall Completion Date: 1918 Place of Creation: Liozna, near Vitebsk, Belarus Style: Cubism Genre: genre painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: x cm Gallery: Russian Museum, St.

J, I love Chagall's paintings. Chagall's paintings give me wings. Wings of imagination and freedom. I chose The Promenade among many paintings of Chagall. I knew that I'm just like the lady in the painting.

Elements in my painting 2. Our journey from Shanghai to Xi'an

Yes, these are the cities that we went through in the last 27 days. I referred to this image when coloring Chinese provinces.

Elements in my painting 3. China map

Chinese provinces are clearly divided with different colors in my painting. You can see Jiangsu castle, Anhui province, Henan province, and Shaanxi province that we passed through.

Elements in my painting 4. 永宁门 (Yongning Gate)

The south gate of City Wall. I walked towards the south gate at about 7:40 p.m. with Anqi, the editor at iFeng, and the south gate was glowing in bright red color, which fascinated me.
"It looks prettier when it gets darker," Anqi told me, but I liked it this way. The art studio that I painted this is also very close to the south gate.

Elements in my painting 5. Shanghai Lujiazui

Yes, it's the picture taken from Zhapu bridge on June 2, the day we left Shanghai, at 7:30 a.m. We can see Waibaidu bridge (外白渡桥 or 'Garden Bridge'), and the three tallest buildings in Shanghai, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower. The woman in the picture is of course, our main sponsor Miranda Tan (CEO at Robin8). I was so touched that she came here to send us off. She is now writing down her answers to my six questions on a piece of paper . I carry this paper along my cycling journey like a charm.

Elements in my painting 6. You and me wearing RideNow jersey

After two-hour bike workshop from Marcin, Marcin and Josh gave us two RideNow jerseys. Before our departure, I used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to join RideNow socials. Their cycling socials usually started at six o'clock in the morning. This jersey is the only jersey that we can match, and I think our team spirit is boosted when we wear this together. Yup, this picture is taken on the day when we cycled from Dan Feng to Shangluo. We suffered on the road because of the rain.

Elements in my painting 7. You and me at Danfeng


Our smiling face expressions in my painting are from the picture of us at Danfeng, when we went for a tubing at Dan river. You know, it was very difficult to find picture of you not wearing glasses, and it was even harder to find pictures of you smiling.

I just love spending time with white canvas. I started sketching at 2:20 p.m.

I finished sketching, and I put the pallet on my lap at about 3:40 p.m.

You can see two provinces and a city painted in dark green. They areShaanxi province, Chongqing, and Jiangxi province. First, Jiangxi is the province you were born, and is a surrounded by mountains. Second, Chongqing is the municipality that you spent your university life. Third, Shaanxi Province is where we encountered the most mountainous roads since we started our journey.

The palm-like lake on the right side is Lake Taihu (太湖). The water from Lake Taihu flows to the Zhapu bridge in Shanghai, where we started our bike trip.

I went back home after painting this much. Regret, one of the two teachers in this art studio, helped me on some parts.

I went to the art studio today and I finished the painting. I painted two bikes, including your red-colored bike Freedom and my mint-colored bike Sparta. I added more details to buildings in Shanghai. Finally, I signed my painting.

I love this art studio. I spent about six hours painting here, combining Saturday and today. I love these trees and plants decorating the studio. Good music fills the studio, and moves my brush. I really want to come back here again.

I especially like the entrance of this studio. I know that I will encounter this landscape on this bike journey.

I took my painting like a precious treasure, came back to Yongning Gate Station, and took the subway to come back to Kushal's house.

See you after two weeks Jianan. Take care.



* Jianan took a flight from Xian to Shanghai last Friday to get Kazakhstan visa, and I 'm staying in Xi'an at the moment. I will be staying in Xi'an for the next two weeks until Jianan comes back to Xian, hopefully with all his visas for 10+ countries.

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