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Meet Xi'an's 2 blockchain companies protecting original content

When I organized an event called “Let’s talk about silk road and blockchain” in Tencent Westart XI'AN with Shanghai-based blockchain company Robin8, I met two local blockchain companies there. It was interesting because they had one thing in common: they wanted to protect original content.

Founder and CEO of WeLabz Kevin Luo


Founder and CEO of WeLabz Kevin Luo previously worked for biological company where he helped studied biological scientists conduct research and local researchers accelerate their research. During that time, he noticed that when researchers and scientists publish papers on online journals, these platforms charge very expensive fee.


“Knowledge and opinion should be open and easy access for everyone. and not behind the paywall. Copyrights are collected by journals. And I think authors should own their own work and own their rights on their works,” Kevin says.

He founded WeLabz in April 2008 to solve this problem. The US registered company aims to enable researchers, scientists, and authors to have their work published and get rewards. Blockchain technology will be integrated later to the platform rebuild the “scientific publishing system” so that the company can reward them by giving them tokens and motivate them to share their work.

This concept is not new. There are similar companies in Europe, the U.S., and South Korea called Pluto Network. Currently Kevin collected 600,000 names of researchers on WeLabz app through various sources, and universities.

Another Xi’an-based company Ziggurat is using blockchain technology to help original content publishers who need to protect copyright and intellectual property for movie, art, music and literature. It provides complete set service, including copyright data certification, online notarization, infringement detection, legal rights protection, as well as IP incubation. Eventually, Ziggurat aims to create a trustworthy copyright database and a digital IP asset trading platform.

For enterprises, the Xi’an-based company provides enterprise blockchain solutions, including consortium blockchain with owning proprietary intellectual property rights, environment setup and maintenance, smart contract and application development, cross-chain protocol, BaaS, and SDK. It supports multiple application scenarios, including entertainment, supply chain finance, the Internet of Things, and data security. Established in Xi‘an in July 2016, Ziggurat Technology Co., Ltd. (Ziggurat) has international teams located in Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and London.

Why choose Xi'an?

Xi’an government started to lay out a lot of programs to support local startup ecosystem. I visited Xi’an’s innovation cafe district, which was full of co-working spaces like Cheku cafe and RocketSpace.

“In the past two years, local government has been supporting under the policy. This year, so many internet companies started out and there’s huge support for universities,” CMO of Ziggurat, Mengyao Jiang says.

CMO of Ziggurat, Mengyao Jiang

Top tier Universities in Xi'an such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Northwestern Polytechnical University have close links with Xi'an's tech hub, as it provides fresh graduates adept in engineering and technology.

“Xi'an has many high-quality developers. And I have a development team based here,” Keven says.

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