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Feb 5th Eva Poland diary: Last A1.1 German class, Underground Route in Szczecin and Volunteering in Poznan

This week I finished A1.1 Deutsch course, and I visited Poland.

Here's my top 10 experiences in Poland

I stayed in Poland for 5 days. Here’s my favorite experience.

One. Volunteering in Poznan
Two. Walking around old square in Poznan under blue sky
Three. Going to understand route with Alexandra and Stefan.
Four. Going to Polish restaurants and having local dish
Five. Going to 4 Masses in 3 Catholic churches
Six. Staying home with Mika, reading Dance *3 with Chopin’s Nocturne
Seven. Going to salsa party in Szczecin
Eight. Going shopping in Poznan : Brewery mall, Avenue
Nine. Having lovely breakfast at Alexandra’s house
Ten. Walking around Szczecin while having conversation with Alexandra, Stefan and Gabrocia

Weekly expenditure (8 days, from 28th Jan to 4th Feb) : 188 euros

5.5 Vietnamese curry
2.8 schnitzel (the name of the orange drink)
1.5 keeping coat
3.5 cappuccino and postcard

4.52 Biomarkt

3 Chicken Doner

6 Blabla car

14 Flix bus

2 Radler

Total = 42.82 euros

Poland - Szczecin

Ticket 2
Flower 6
Indian tea 9
Martini 15
Salsa 10
Underground Route Museum 28
Potato and wine 29.4
SIM card 5
grilled Oyster and salad 16

train ticket 40

Total = 160.4 PLN (37.84 euros)

Poland - Poznan

Purple sweater 35
Lunch 76
2 couscous salad 9
5 Postcards 10
Magnet 6
Pen 6
5 socks 50
2 T-shirts (24 each) and skinny jean (72) 120
Passion fruit juice 5
Gas Water 2
Incense stick and holder 6
2 candles, pen, notebook, napkin 32

Gallery 12
Dry plum wine and peri 39
Tea and card 17
Strawberry juice and sandwich 9.5

postcards 20.5

Total = 455 PLN (107.33 euros)

Diaries from Jan 28th to Feb 4th

Jan 28th

I like my house. I’m keeping it clean. Everything is organized and it looks good. I feel that

I cooked hot paste soup (gochujiang soup) today with Nikki’s half baked potatoes from last home party. I added mushrooms and paprika, and it tastes amazing. I’m so much Korean. I love gochujiang so much !

I just noticed that there are about 511,348 Korean words, 900,000 German words and 900,000 English words at the moment.

담당 부서(언어정보과)에 문의한 결과를 알려 드립니다. 현재 표준국어대사전 표제어 개수는 511,348개입니다. 옛말의 개수는 12,481개입니다.2017. 7. 11. 국립 국어원

영어 단어가 조만간 100만 개를 넘어설 것이라고 미국 오리건 주 코밸리스의 가제트-타임스지가 4일 보도했다.
가제트-타임스는 언어 연구기관인 세계언어모니터(GLM)의 컴퓨터 모델링 자료를 인용해 영어 단어는 현재 90만 개에 이르며 수개월 내에 100만 개를 넘을 것이라고 전했다.


Liebe J

Wie geht es dir? Was machst Du den ganzen Tag? Das habe ich heute zum Beispiel gemacht:
Am Morgen habe ich gekocht und gefrühstückt.
Um 7:50 Ich habe Vorschule gegangen und Hausaufgaben gemacht.
Danach ich habe Deutsch gelernt
Am Mittag ich habe mit Rafy getroffen
Am Nachmittag habe ich eine lange Pause gemacht und einen Tee getrunken.
Dann habe ich telefoniert mit Mutter.
Am Abend habe ich im Supermarkt eingekauft und meine Wohnung aufgeräumt.
Um 10:30 ich geschlafen tief.
Und jetzt schreibe ich Dir!

Viele Grüße

18:00 VHS

I’m at VHS waiting to register another month. I have been waiting for 1 hour and 50 minutes. I even had a nap. Finally after 2 hours of waiting, it was my turn. I registered for A1.2 at Antonstrase, close to my home. I wanted to apply for BANF, but the person in charge told me chances are very low. The man told me I can only pay with card. I couldn’t pay because I only had Korean debit card. The man was very generous and he paid with his card, and I gave him cash.

21:00 Berghine CTM Festival

This week in Berlin, we had CTM Festival. I bought a ticket for the concert. So here is Berghine. As I entered, a lady attached pink stickers on two cameras on my phone. I showed them my ticket and the guy put a paper bracelet on my left wrist. I entered a hall to keep our coats and bags. I paid 1.5 euros. When I entered I saw 4 person holding amplifier, frozen. It gave a mysterious atmosphere. I entered the hall. It had a high ceiling. The hall was smaller than I thought. It was about the size of basketball court. I saw other people holding a amplifier. Many people wore black, as that’s the dress code here.

Coming here I thought I want to come here with my future boyfriend. Yes it must be cool to spend weekend here straight. I waited one hour but nothing happened. I think I’m the only one who came here alone. People are chatting in English Spanish French and German. They are excited. I’m sitting on the stairs. We hear the music, very mysterious mixed with forest birds and leaves and flute, but people just don’t care. They keep on talking. Thinking back, I’m glad I came here alone. I’m enjoying peace and quiet state of mind. We are waiting for sth to happen. I don’t like talking. Now I start to wonder why I came here. Sth has to start. I’m surprised to see a lady with a baby and a man with a wheelchair.

.. then it started.

Second performance was my favorite. New York native Dis Fig (Felicia Chen) was performing. She was wearing white sleeveless dress, and white shorts. She had a human ginseng tattoo on her thigh. She crawled. She was so into it. She crunched her back and held on to a guy standing right in front of her. She came into the audience, broke the boundary of audience and stage. She moaned and shouted with all her body. She had small body, but her energy was so strong. I was standing right in front of her. I could even smell her hair jell. I could see her face expressions when she frowned.

Third performance was two guys playing guitar. It was very low, and when I lean to the stage, I could feel the beat. My neck and shoulder hurt so bad. And I really needed a seat. I looked back and saw few people sitting over the giant speakers. I crawled like a ball.

Then a lady,
“Are you ok ?"
“Yes. I was just tired, you know the music was so soft, and”
“Would you like some chocolate?"
“Wow yes thank you"

She told me she is from Tirana, Albania. She flew here to come to this music concert. She later also offered me nuts and dried berries.

Fourth performance was really good. We were bumping into each other.

I went home with 2:30 M13 Tram, and when to sleep at 3:30 a.m.

Jan 29th

18:00 Technische Universität Berlin​

My Baumhaus friend Attila invited me to TUB (Technische Universität Berlin). There was a gala where every student presented their idea for about 5 minutes. I noticed why there are so many students in this event. Most teams had 2 person, and more than 10 teams presented their ideas and progress. There was a team doing roof farming, bee project, crypto, earth project, light project and second hand motorcycle. They were from all different majors. The students I met were studying environment engineering. The president of the university also attended and listened to students for 1 hour. The MC also asked many questions to the presenters. It was very inspiring to see how active are university students here in Berlin. #technischeuniversitätberlin #berlin #tuberlin #tuberlincampus


Me and other classmates were invited to Ionut’s birthday party. He was living 800m from my house. His house was so lovely. It was like a art gallery or a cafe with a very good art taste of the owner. I enjoyed watching #dantegabrielrossetti ‘s paintings on #carminered wall. The house was full of Ionut’s Italian friends, and I really appreciated Angela’s taste of adorning the house. Eva, a Italian lady cooked lasagna and it was delicious. Ionut told me Italians were second most foreigners in Berlin after Turkish. The house was full of people, music, and good food. It was great to see other classmates ‘ girl/boy friends too. I also loved the two cats in the house. Their names were Xerxes and Babylon. I love when one thing connects to the other. And this house was full of those clues. Ionut, thanks for inviting and happy birthday. #berlin

Jan 31st

Liebe J

Letztes Wochenende bin ich nach Egypt geflogen. Ich war bei Grace.

Today was the last class for A1.1. Now we are getting on to A1.2. Ah what a pity.

#heute ist #letzetag #a11 . #mahenwir #einefoto . Today was the last class of A1.1. Now we are going up to A1.2. It’s my last class in #turmstraße #vhs with my beloved classmates and teachers Dorothy and Walter. #moabit

Ah how much I loved Dorothy’s German A1.1 class in Turmstraße! I loved doing the partnerwork and groupwork with Rodica on my right and Szymon on my left. We threw a ball to each other to take turns, and drew our festival in our home country to explain in German. It was as if I was back to my schooldays. We are from many different counties: Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Columbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Pakistan, Turkey, Japan and South Korea. With the classmates, we went to home parties - I organized one myself :) - and ate lunch together. It was always so fun. We had many questions, jokes, chocolates in class and we loved chatting with the teacher. Goran always asked for “pause!” :) Ah I have to leave them to start anew at #antonstrasse #vhs . Tschüss everybody! I love you all.

Poland - Szczecin

Special thanks to my Polish friends in Berlin, Szymon and Alex,

and my Polish friends in Poland, Alexandra, Gabricia, Tomek, and Kamir

J, I’m in Szczecin. I’m staying at Alexandra and Gabrosia’s house for #couchsurfing . The family’s house is filled with all wooden furnitures and small cat statues. Last night the girls took me to Couchsurfing meetup where we had Indian tea, and a salsa party. We also met Stefan, Ale’s Mexican boyfriend. The salsa party was amazing. It was held in a bar located in the raining forest. Most people were intermediate and were mostly over 30s or 40s. There was a very good dancer, and I observed the dance thoroughly. It was like a celloist and his cello. It was as if they were playing the music beautifully. Just like how musicians know how to make the most beautiful sound with their beloved instruments, the pair made the most soft lines and romantic moves. It was so eye catching. I asked that guy to dance bachata with me when the music change, but he never asked me to dance that night. It was such a concentration I haven’t felt for a long time. After dancing with few people I felt hot, and came out of the hall to have some cold air. It was weird to see such a contrast. It rain slashes and high trees were filljng the black sky. And I saw a person standing out there. Such a solidarity lies in this city, and I noticed why people are packed in this salsa party. Coming back to Ale’s house in the rain, all my past memories of dancing salsa in Shanghai and Seoul filled my head. I was looking outside the car window, but my mind crossed borders and doors back to that salsa hall. I hummed my favorite salsa and bachata music. I thought I should buy a salsa shoes and start to dance in Berlin. #cat #poland

Feb 1st

Szczecin is a lovely city. Even in a rainy day. It’s interesting to see a lot of underground cafe, restaurant, and museum. It reminded me banjiha (where the family lives) in the movie Parasite. Szczecin has a lot of red cars, and the city has red cross lights. Inspired by Paris, the city was planned after Paris and it has a lot of roundabouts. The city is nice to walk around, and I especially enjoyed the boulevard having a cafe in between. Trams are tiny and cute. We went to a potato themed restaurant to have a baked potatoes like kumpir and a famous fish market restaurant. It’s nice to eat here because the price is lower than Berlin. Overall I think Berlin is pretty naughty and sexy, two hours from there, here Szczecin is calm, relaxing and traditional. It’s nice to be here. I might come here again for the fish. #szczecin #poland #city #travel #polandtravel

I am so much comfortable here with Alexandra. She is so calm.
It’s like a magnet. Good people attract good people. Stefan was also very nice.

그녀는 견고하고 따뜻한 나무 같다. 정신과 의사인 그녀는 정말 차분하다. 블라우스에 편안한 곤색 가디건을 입은 그녀가 노트북으로 우리의 그날 일정을 잡는데, 아 나는 아주 편안한 기차 위에 탑승한 것 같은 인상을 받았다. 그녀의 표정은 한없이 부드럽다. 너무나 선하고 지혜로운 사람이다. 샘물 같은 사람이다. (그녀는 키가 182였다.)

#szczecin #poland #cat We had scrambled eggs, coffee and smoked cheese with dark bread for breakfast. 알렉산드라의 집은 나무 가구, 고양이 장식이 가득하다. 이 가족이 사는 이 집은 정말 따뜻하다. 마음이 편안하다. #폴란드 #폴란드여행 #스제친 #카우치서핑


#undergroundroute #szczecin #poland . My notes from the tour, thanks to Alexandra’s translation: Beer factories in WW2 were used to produce water. They sent the children to village because it was more safer. Szczecin was used as a place to make war ships in the shipyard and to make cars. That’s why the city was heavily bombed. 60% of the city was destroyed and was rebuilt after the war. So it’s the youngest city in Europe. Children of 10- 18 worked as mechanics during the war. Filters are still working, because it stops, the air won't circulate very well. There used to be 5000 ppl here.
Szczecin ppl had gas mask in their suitcase. They could bring important things in the suitcase and come down to the bunker. Because your house will be wrecked. There were masks for cats and horse that belonged to rich people. Mask was very expensive at that time. #mask #helmet #polandtravel

폴란드 전체가 과거를 회상하는 박물관 이라는 생각. 사실 중국이랑 똑같은데 여기는 회상에 더 초점, 중국은 앞으로 나아가는 데 집중. 나는 폴란드의 미래나 현재는, 이 자매를 봐야 할 지도

18:30 Paprykars

We are in Fish market Paprykarz, a famous seafood restaurant, and I had oyster baked with oil. I asked Polish people, "Are you proud of your country?"


I’m proud of Marie Curie. I’m proud of Nobel prize winners. I’m proud of our past generations.

We fought against Germany and Russia. We still have a mixed feeling for Russia.


I’m thankful to be a Polish. I’m thankful to the upper generation, what they had to gone through. I cannot be proud of sth that I didn’t contribute. I can be proud of my accomplishments only.

Polish language is good for literature, and it’s better for poetry, because one word can mean many things.

Poland was very multicultural before WW2. Slavic, Lithuanians, Tartars, and Jews lived here. And after the war, only Polish were left.

Feb 2nd

사랑하는 지향

나는 지금 폴란드에 있어. 오늘 아침 6:30에 일어나서 Geography now 폴란드 편, 그리고 나무위키를 읽고 나서 폴란드를 정말로 좋아하게 되었어.

어제까지는 만나는 폴란드 사람에게 대화를 어느 정도 한 뒤에 폴란드 국민인게 자랑스러운지 질문했어.

이 질문은 물론 독일에서는 하지 않았어.
두 사람 모두 그렇다고 했고.

다른 유럽 국가에 비해 나는 폴란드는 그 국가의 특징 같은 것을 잘 모르겠더라고 무관심하거나 무심하거나 한 생각 이었어. 내가 9살 때 읽은 마리 퀴리 만화 전기에 폴란드 바르샤바는 나치 하에 너무 척박하고 춥고 가난하게 보였고
뒤이어 13살 때 본 피아니스트 영화도 그리고 자전거 여행 때 본 Zookeeper’s wife 도 다 세계 2차 대전이 전부라서
이 전쟁 이야기를 제외하면 대체 폴란드의 정체성이 무엇인지 궁금했던 거야. 2014년에 바르샤바 1박 2일 여행으로 왔을 때 봤던 아름다운 건축 그리고 쇼팽 그 외에 폴란드 그릇 이외에.


여기는 베를린에서 차로 2시간 떨어진 폴란드 스제친 입니다. 오늘 스제친 성당에서 오전 10:30 어린이 미사를 드렸는데요, 폴란드 아이들이 노래하는 파견 성가가 너무 좋아서 여기 공유합니다. (서거하신 교황 요한 바오로 2세가 폴란드 분이셨어요) 미사에 가는 인구가 10-20% 정도인 서유럽과는 달리 폴란드는 85% 가 가톨릭 신자이고 미사를 참례하는 사람도 70% 이상이에요. 폴란드 친구인 알렉산드라, 가브리샤 자매랑 같이 미사를 그리고 왔어요. 행복한 한 주 마무리하시길 빕니다 ㅎ I attended the #childrensmass in #szczecin #poland with Alexandra and Gabrisia. I loved the #childrenchoirs #finalhymn so much, and I share the song here. By the way, today (0202 2020) is the one year anniversary of arriving my home in Seoul with bicycle. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

I arrived in Poznan at 4pm and it’s raining.

오늘 폴란드 친구 토멕과 함께 포즈난 기차역에서 저녁 6시에 1시간 동안 노숙자들에게 차/커피, 수프, 도넛, 샌드위치, 치즈를 배식했다. 토멕과 그 친구들이 3년 내내 지속해 온 것이라 오는 사람도 많고 배식되는 음식도 양이나 질이 훌륭했다. 이제는 레스토랑에서 음식을 후원 받는다고. 포즈난, 스제친에 모두 이렇게 노숙자 배식 봉사가 있다고. 폴란드 사람들은 정말 마음씨가 따뜻하다.

It was cold and rainy, and with Tomek and his 6 friends, I distributed food to homeless people at the Poznan train station. This project is called #Wolnosci which means “Soup of freedom” in Polish. I distributed spoons and later distributed sandwiches, cheese and donuts. One guy, seeing that I’m Asian, was joking in Polish that I might have Korona. I looked at him, and told him that I’m from South Korea. There was a lady named Dominica. She was singing and playing guitar beautifully while we were distributing the food. Other volunteers and homeless people played flute and sang together. Tomek told me that she organizes concert with homeless people, and sometimes raise money to travel to other regions with a truck stage to give round tour concert. The food distribution was finished in one hour, at 7pm. I very much enjoyed this, and I learned Polish for Thank you. “Dziękuję Ci” There were about 8 volunteers today’s What a nice people they are. One lady could see with only one eye, and one man had difficulty in walking, but they took the initiative to distribute the food and I assisted them. Poland is such a warm place, and people are wealthy in their hearts. They know how to share with their neighbors.

I was surprised to see these homeless people in Poznan, because many of them were very well dressed. I wouldn’t even think they are homeless if I met them on the streets. Gradually the rain stopped. It was like my heart. I was totally concentrated and I enjoyed the moment.

Three years ago Jerzy Briks and Asia Nowacka (25 yrs old) started distributing food to the homeless people. Asia passed away last year in Antarctic Ocean, and Jerzy is continuing the project with his friends. They have been handing out sandwiches and soup on Sunday 6pm at Poznan train station for 3 years. Sometimes they collect clothes and distribute to the homeless. This week they received a big pot of meat vegetable soup, 80 donuts, sandwiches and white cheese for distribution. My Polish friend Tomek Tracz prepared hot coffee and tea, and prepared cups for 60-70 people. He said the Restaurant asked for the publicity in return. My friend in Szczecin, Alexandra told me there is similar food distribution for home people in her city as well. They were now thinking of ways to reduce plastic in the distribution by using paper trays and cups.

#foodforhomeless in #poznan #poland at the #poznantrainstation at #sunday6pm . #wolnosci #soupoffreedom thanks to Tomek and his friends. #volunteering #coffee #tea p.s. we later realized that in one coffee, we mistakenly put salt instead of sugar


#catholichurch in #poznan are #sobeautiful and their #architecture style is so #creative . 오늘 포즈난 성당에서 두번째 미사를 드렸다. 영성체송을 전부 다 노래로 하는 게 참 아름다웠고 듣기 좋았다. 또 피아노나 오르간이 아닌 기타를 반주로 성가를 부르는 것도 신기했다. 한국과 달리 성당 입구로 들어서면 바로 성전이라서 사람들은 다 잠바를 입고 미사를 드렸다. 신부님, 젊은 사제, 그리고 어린 사제, 총 3명이 제단에 있었고, 오늘은 축일이라서 나는 와인에 찍은 성체를 봉헌했다. 2020일 2월 2일, 폴란드의 각기 다른 2개의 도시, 스제친, 포즈난에서 미사를 2번 드린 날. #포즈난 #폴란드 #폴란드여행 #포즈난여행 #포즈난성당

Feb 3rd

사랑하는 주희에게

나는 포즈난에 있다. 6:30에 일어났다. 뜨거운 물을 마신다.


Szymon's fiance recommended me this restaurant, and it became #myfavoriterestaurant in #poznan #staryrynek #wiejskiejadfo . I had #duck with #apple #cranberries #pyzy and #redcabbage . I haven’t dined like this for a long time. It was like a present for myself.


사랑하는 주희에게

나 여기가 좋아. 여기의 부드러운 감성이 좋다. 레이스로 싸인 등이 좋아. 내 왼편의 나무 말 상도 좋다. 밝혀진 초도 좋다. 걸린 마늘이며 가짜 소시지도 좋고. 내 무릎 위의 붉은 담요가 좋다. 내가 첫 손님이라는 것이 좋고, 단정하게 하얀 셔츠를 입은 웨이터가 좋다.

하얗게 드리워진 식탁 위 하얀 정사각형 러너가 좋다. 붉은 입사귀가 거의 없는 Poinsettia 가 좋다. 꾸며지지 않은 현실 같아서. 겨울의 마지막 달이라고 내게 말해주는 것 같아서.

여기서 혼자 마시는 리오하 와인이 좋다. 와인의 종주국 프랑스가 아닌 스페인의 와인이라서. 마치 여행지로 잘 아는 독일이 아닌 폴란드이기 때문인 것 처럼.

내가 원래 폴란드를 기억하는 이미지인 닭 모양의 로고를 단 레스토랑이라 좋다. 아는 사람만 찾아오게 후미진 골목에 있어 좋고, 들어오는 문도 작아서 좋다.

나를 제외하면 다 폴란드 사람이라 내가 아무 말도 못 알아 들어서 좋다.

서른 한 살인 내가 2월 3일에 이런 근사한 레스토랑에서 혼자 식사를 하다니. 한량인 주제에 호사한 취미를 가졌다. 하지만 문득 생각이 든다. 마치 내가 사는 이유는 이 모든 감각과 감성을 익히고 스며들게 하기 위한 것 같다는 생각이 드는 것이다

식전에 100 밀리 리오하를 마시고 나서 다시 프랑스의 마를로 카베르네를 시켰다. 너무 드라이 하다. 너무 드라이한 사람과 앉은 것 같다. 하지만 나는 결국 이 와인을 다 마시고야 만다.

나는 와인색의 터틀넥을 입고 그 색깔과 꼭 같은 양배추를 메인과 곁들여 와인을 마신다. 웨이터가 계산서와 함께 체리 리퀴르 를 가져왔다.

This guy is famous for speaking the Poznan dialect, and there are couple of other cool statues that you can see in the city. I visited a shopping mall that used to be a brewery. It was beautiful, and I loved the red bricks and big and round structures. I then walked to a culture hall famous for 3 math students breaking the enigma code during the WW2. I also visited Baroque church, but it’s so big and everything was so fancy that it seemed so unreal. Where did they get this money to build such a cathedral full of rose marbles and gold?

Feb 4th


It’s a fine day in Poznan. Well it’s not raining I mean. And for the first time, I see the Sun. In front yards of two stories Houses in Poznan, I see a palm tree perfect for Christmas tree. Their rooftop are triangle, perfect for snow to slide down. I’m happy to see that they put tramways wider than the road for cars. Solacz lies right by the beautiful park and lakes.

11:20 Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu​

In the Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, which is more like a gallery, I realized that I like paintings that clearly show the country. In this gallery I liked the paintings on the top floor. I like the paintings before 1929. That’s the year when Jacek died. I liked that painting "The Father Rhine (1848)" drawn by Moritz von SCHWIND. If you look at it, it's so creative. All the angels and nymphs are bringing treasures, giant fish and castles to Father Rhine. I love the imagination of the painter so much! We can visualize how much Germans love Rhine.

13:00 Stary Młyn​

This is my second favorite restaurant in #poznan . It’s called Pierogarnia Stary Młyn - Its a traditional Polish restaurant with great atmosphere and service. Dough of traditional pierogis is even vegan. ul. Wrocławska 18 I had pierogarnia called #ciocine which had stewed meat and mushrooms inside. I imagined something like Korean or Chinese or Georgian dumping, but it was different. I liked it a lot because they put quite generous amount of meat and mushroom inside. After having 5 of them I was full. It also paired well with #semidry #plumwine . I was very satisfied. I paid 36 for the lunch, half the price I paid yesterday. #ilovepoland because I can enjoy this #goodmeal with reasonable price. They are also just next to the #oldsquare . #pierogarniastarymłyn #pierogarnia #pierogis #poland #polishfood #plumwine #staryrynek #lunch #poznan

15:00 Poznan Old Square or "Stary Rynek"

#poznanoldsquare under the #bluesky was #stunning . As if drawing a snail’s back on a large canvas, I walked around the square two times then I walked through the alleys. I loved all the pastel tone colors they used, and the pictures they drew on the wall. Yesterday under the gray sky, the buildings looked like a box of unused pastel staring at the owner abruptly. But now they showed their full colors like a #rainbow . Just like a rainbow, #wintersky was very impatient and capricious, so I took a good look at the sky while I can. My friend Kamir told me these houses belonged to rich people. He added that especially those who could afford to have 5 windows were very rich. This place is called “Stary Rynek”, and Stary means “old”. It reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry night. Next time I come here I hope to see Starry night in #staryrynek . #poznanisbeautiful . #poland #poznan #architecture #arch #poznancity #poznantownhall #poznancityhall

Poland gave me last present: a real rainbow. I entered Germany again with a Flix bus. It’s good to hear German again.

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