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Feb 21st Eva Berlin Diary: Enjoying the green life with "The Real Junk Food Project" and visiting Leipzig

For the last two weeks, I fully enjoying the green life with "The Real Junk Food Project" in Berlin. I cooked the Thursday community dinner with the rescued food, and I picked up the rescued food from Weihe. This significantly helped me lower down my expenditure on food. I also visited Leipzig to learn what is university student and night life in Germany. I also had a movie discussion about Parasite.

Expenditure from Feb 8th to Feb 21st (226.37 euros)

Expenditure in Leipzig (97.27 euros)

Clothes 35.97
Lunch 11.9
Train 7
Single trip 3.8
Blabla car 18
Tomato 2
Raisin bread 2.6
Summer Alle Beer 3
Single ticket 3

bar 5

club 5

others (129.1 euros)

kumpir and beer for 2 person 22 euros
Adding Berlin C 1.7 euros

10 o clock monthly card 61 euros

Kaufland 14.19
Course book 16.5

Momo 10

3 pens 3

The real junk food project in Berlin

Feb 6th

Today I went to this amazing meetup, and it’s called #therealjunkfoodprojectberlin . They are spreading the word about zero food waste, and they cook vegan dinner with rescued food. Rafy recommended this meetup to me. The volunteers gathered up at 4pm and we started cooking with a rescued food, meaning the food that were supposed to be thrown away from the organic food market. It was amazing to see how the vegetables and fruits transformed into these amazing dishes with our hands in 4 hours. My favorite food was Christian’s curry and Ophila’s apple pudding. I’m so clumsy, and I cut myself while cutting the purple potato... but I surely enjoyed helping out. In the meetup I met amazing friends from ESCP like Celine, Greta, Stephania, Lorenzo, and Israelis like Ofir. I also enjoyed cooking with Ophila, Tomash, Christian and Claris. It’s amazing to find a place like this just 11 minutes walking distance from my house. I will come here every other Thursday. I hope you could join and enjoy vegan dinner with me. The dinner is open buffet and it’s donation based. #foodsharing #rjfpberlin #berlin #realjunkfood #veganfood

음식물 쓰레기 줄이는 것에 대해 관심이 많다. 베를린에서 아주 좋은 사례를 찾았다. “The Real Junk Food Project”라는 프로젝트 인데, 유기농 마트에서 버리게 되는 채소, 과일, 빵, 음식을 받아서 2주에 한번씩 봉사자들이 모여 35인분의 비건 요리를 하고, 오픈 뷔페를 한다. 여기에 사람들을 초대해 함께 먹는 사람들의 기부를 받아서 활동을 유지하고. 오늘 여기에 함께 참여해서 요리를 하고, 친구도 많이 사귀었다. 남은 음식은 또 다들 집에 가져갔다. 이런 활동은 여기, 그리고 Baumhaus 라는 곳 두 곳에서 이루어진다.

Feb 24th

I spend less than 10 euros for food a week, thanks to #therealjunkfoodproject . After #simplelunch with #chocolate #heartstone and #capuccino , I went to #weihe to pick up #rescuedfood . It’s part of #junkfoodproject . When this giant food retailer Weihe throw away food, we come to pick them up on Mondays and Wednesdays at around 1:30 pm. It’s mostly organic vegetables, fruits and some dairy products, and they in good quality. We had loads of food to pick up, but only 3 people came. Let me know if you want to join us too. I wonder how Korean food retailers deal with their left over food. #therealjunkfoodprojectberlin

코로나바이러스로 염려가 많으실텐데요, 독일의 소식을 전합니다. 베를린에 리얼정크푸드프로젝트의 회원이 된 이후로 일주일 식비가 10유로 이하가 되었어요. 저희는 매주 월요일, 수요일에 Weihe 라는 베를린 중심에 위치한 식품유통창고에 가서 어떤 이유로 버려지는 음식들을 무료로 가져옵니다. 대체로 유통기한도 넉넉하고 포장도 잘 된 야채, 과일, 유제품 이에요. 이 음식의 양이 꽤 많아서 2주에 한 번 목요일에 이 음식으로 15-30인분의 요리를 회원들이 같이 요리해서 비건 뷔페식 저녁식사를 해요. 식사비는 기부 형식이고요. 문득 우리나라 식품유통회사에서 버려지는 음식들은 어떻게 처리 되는지 궁금해졌습니다. 오늘 제가 가져온 건 우유, 요거트, 샐러드, 콩나물, 감자, 비트루트, 바나나, 토마토, 버섯, 멜론 이었습니다.

Feb 8th

Dear J, I never really enjoyed cooking. Then I realized that flats I lived had pretty narrow kitchen, or I lived with other people, so I tried not to cook sth to big, not to make a mess. But now I live in this flat alone. And I found it enjoying to cook sth nice for myself. With the vegetables that Tomek gave me, the celery from The Real Junk Food and the Vegetables I bought in the Osloer Straße Shop I made a Pasta. This morning I went to Kaufland to buy pepper, rosemary spice, olive oil and fresh olives. It was lovely to combine them into this dish. I put a lot of vegetables and very less pasta into it, which is the way I like. After the pasta is done, I decorated with basil leaves, freshly picked from my pot. The rose napkin is from Poznan. The pasta tasted so good. Today is the first Saturday that I didn’t meet anyone till 7pm. I found peace in my shelter, and I can calm down and do my homework or work on the documents. It’s a very good feeling to have a good place as your home. This morning, I got up and cleaned the house with a vacuum and did laundry. Such a good feeling. #pasta #mytable #mylunch #basil #tomatopasta #rose #mykitchen #goodday #saturday #rosenapkin

Feb 27th


I started to #enjoycooking . It’s when I started #therealjunkfoodprojectberlin . On Monday food pick up, I know how much food I will consume for one week, and take that much. With different groceries, I combine them into a dish, and I love that process. I like the new guests of ingredients to my kitchen. And I like to put them to a lovely chamber of heated pan. And I started to cook food with fire. Before #therealjunkfoodproject , I only bought what I’m used to: cucumber, tomato, egg, banana... it was pretty boring. Now I’m using fresh new ingredients every week. This week I made a #pestopasta with #egg #mushroom #garlic and #tomato . I added #salad as a decoration. Yes I love my meals that I made. #watching the window, and with a #redrose on the table with #pinkrosenapkins I disfruit every bite of the dish. I’m consuming more and more #oliveoil . I finished the first 500ml in 2 months, and I’m about to finish my second bottle within 3 weeks. Rafy said “you must have been Mediterranean in your former life!” And she asked me to make a coffee for her, saying that they made really good coffee. After she noticed that I made a instant coffee, she refused to drink it. But she said “Greek are surely huge fan of Nescafé”, and you really are like Greek. Haha I love that. Yes I eat like a Greek in a way.


Feb 26th

Today I found a really cool meetup in #tuberlin . Atilla invited me here at 8pm. With the food gathered from #thejunkfoodproject Andres and I, and others cooked really good vegan dishes together. I had a really good Chinese, Spanish and German conversation with Andres and Eric while enjoying the dinner. We listened to live Podcast hosted by Atilla and Israeli friend. The session was followed by a really good rap performance by a student. #ijustloveberlin . It has #socoolpeople , and community that loves to share talent, food and stories. Next week I will share #seekroad stories here

Feb 9th

베를린에서 맞는 #정월대보름 . 보름달이 정말 밝고, 토끼가 떡찧는 모습이 너무 잘 보였다. 나는 오늘 이렇게 보름달처럼 풍성하고 넉넉한 기분을 느꼈다. 저녁 7시까지 어떤 모임도 안 가고 친구를 안 만나고 묵묵히 집에서 내가 할 일을 했다. 그리고 나서 마주하는 보름달이 참 반가웠다. 친구랑 같이 호박전이랑 같이 맥주를 마시면서 프랑스의 한 소년에 대한 넷플릭스 영화를 봤다. 나름 괜찮은 날. 작년 기억이 아련하다. 엄마랑 오곡밥, 9가지 나물을 먹고, 달집태우기를 보러 가고, 쥐불놀이를 했었는데. 이렇게 다시 농부들의 한 해가 시작된다. 엄마는 올해 텃밭을 또 가꾸시겠지. 봄이 온다는 생각에 기분이 좋아진다. #베를린 #보름달 #베를린신호등 #ampelmann #fullmoon #drontheimerstraße #crosswalk #greenlight #wedding #berlin

Feb 10th

Today I visited Rafy’s house. She made me a cup of fresh orange and Mandarine juice. She prepared 5 English books for me to take home. I helped her turn on the data for her new smartphone. Then we took vegan food from #realjunkfoodproject , and walked along the stream. We saw many flowers on the way. It sure was a beautiful day. We delivered the food to bekech coworking space. We were offered a cup of coffee there. Then we went to 35service to meet Christopher, the metal repair man Rafy talked about. Rafy told me she wants to make a small bike repairing stall in the back yard, also putting a vertical garden. She has a lot of ideas and it also gives me courage to start my own project. Rafy really teaches me a lot about sustainable life, being creative and putting into action. #orangejuice #berlin #freshsqueezed #freshsqueezedjuice #vitamin #mylunch #5thfloor

One thing about me is that I appreciate my surroundings more when I’m with other person. I don’t take many pictures on my own, but when I’m with a friend, we start to mention things around us. We awe and wow, and that leaves a certain emotion on the subject. That’s the moment I take a picture. Spring comes when I’m with a warm-hearted soul. #springiscoming #suchaniceday #inberlin #flowers #flowersinfebruary

Rafy's quotes:

"Germany burocracy! My favorite law in US is that it’s unnecessary to have difficult paperworks.
If you count that emotional stress in to watts, you can use that electricity to light up entire Germany for one month!"

"That is vintage ikea"

다큐에서 재연 연기 하는 것 Reenactment

Schlack I think there needs to be a slaughter fest for bicycles. All women should come and dismantle the bikes. Because you learn a lot by dismantling the bikes.

"Berlin has attracted layabouts for a long time. This is partly because of the city's peculiar history, for West Berlin residents were exempt from military service throughout the lifespan of the Wall (Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper once estimated that some 50,000 young men moved to the city for this reason)."

"You know, kids are cute when they start to form their personalities, age 2 to 3. Until they go to school. They go to school and they become weird"

"There are a lot of bombs in the ground in Germany. So it’s illegal to dig a dip hole in the ground here. One city found a bomb and they found that the fuse is so old, and they just had to evacuate 1km people around them and bomb it. Can you believe it?"

"There used to be refugees filled in this place. I wanted to help them, but I couldn’t communicate with them. There were a lot of people. Even little kids and babies. They are adorable."

Feb 10th

I’m now watching YouTube videos about #parasitewinsoscars2020 wow... it’s incredible and I’m super proud of my country and director #bongjoonho . At a time like this when all South Koreans are concerned about Corona virus, he brought us such a good news. #koreanischerfilm #bvg #berlinerfenster #moviediscussion 유튜브로 2시간 넘게 #기생충 #오스카수상소감 을 보고 있다. 와 감격 감격. 정말 자랑스럽다 ㅜ 독일 지하철에도 수상 소식이 나온다 :) 이 참에 오늘 밤에 기생충에 관한 영화 토론을 하려고 한다 ㅎ


I wanted to invite ppl my home to discuss #oscarwinner #parasite but unfortunately nobody came to my house. They either haven’t watched the film or I planed the gathering too late. I postponed the event to next Wednesday instead. I was so impressed by #bongjunho director’s witty and humble words after receiving the #oscars2020 #bestpictureaward and #bestdirectoraward . He really is a hero for me and all other Korean people who also want to create sth for this world. I really admire him. It’s a pity I couldn’t celebrate today with anyone, but I will, for sure. #봉준호 #오스카수상소감 #겸손 #팬입니다 #qna #큐앤에이 #2월10일 #기생충

Feb 11th

은별, 베를린 필하모니에 다녀왔어. 네 공연 이후 2달만에 오는데, 좋으다. 이 긴장감 있는, 청각만 사용해도 되는 이 시간이. 스스로에게 주는 선물 같아. 여기 한국인 오보에 연주자가 있어서 무척 반가웠어. I went to #berlinerphilharmoniker with Rafy and Carmen. We listened to #harp , flute, piano, and oboe. Then we went to Berlin Opera House to have good wine. Rafy liked the wine that has been stored in Oak barrel, so we chose a Tempranillo wine, and we loved it. With good stories and good people it was a night to remember.


Yesterday I visited Potsdam, which is only 30 minutes away from Berlin with a U-Bahn. I went to Sanssouci park and a church where little Princes and princesses used to play. Then I went to a bridge #gleinickerbrucke that divides Potsdam and Berlin. It was amazing to see that line. #deutscheteilungbis1989 In DDR times, they would exchange spies from East and West here. I really wish that South and North Korea will be reunified again so that the current DMZ will be then become a historical spot too. On the shores stand beautiful castles, mansions and churches. There is a storm in Berlin this week, and the weather has been pretty bad. When angel travels, it’s clear sky. I thanked the angel. Then I watched the movie “call me by your name” I really liked the ost of the move like #wasitavideo . It was a short trip out of Berlin, so I would say it was a #ausflug

#potsdam #haltestelle at #526pm . I love the magic of this time. With the #sunset everything becomes so tender soaked with golden honey and cotton candies. Then comes the black ink from the octopus and the silence. I walked along the #elberiver and enjoyed the view. I noticed a #berlinmauer was standing by. And saw a picture when there was the walls around here. Wow... my friend Thomas said he was here when the wall collapsed. He said that there were a lot of people demonstrating for reunification. Such a peace sits here. And I wish for a peace like that in Korean Peninsula. I wanted to visit #schlossglinike but it was closed at the moment.

Germany surely has a lot of good beers. I tried a #bavarianbeer #bayreutherhell with #chiliconcarne #kumpir . Ah #itwasamazing . I noticed that the food Kumpir originated from Turkey, but the word Kumpir was born in Germany. And yesterday I went to a meeting discussing “how to motivate employees” and joined Artem and his friends Robert and Nico. I asked for a dry and bitter beer and the owner brought me a #flensburgerpilsener . We enjoyed the discussion. It’s good to join a conversation like this, to put down and share our experience and find a conclusion together. I’m more of a wine person, but beer surely has its charm. I really want to invite my brother to Germany and have a good beer together. #belmundopotsdam #belmundocafe #kaufundessbar


Dear J #itsgonnabeanamazingday #todayisvalentinesday . The sky was lovely peach pink. I started my day just like that. #valentinesday #pink #728am #outsidethewindow #aroomwithaview #ritterlandweg #wedding

내일 모레면 독일 온지 두 달.


I used Blablacar to come to Leipzig. The driver was Philip, a Hewlett-Packard employee. He said there is a policy called Wellness Friday, that allows its employees to leave the work early once a month.


I came to Enya's house, my couchsurfing host in Leipzig.


While I was talking to Enya, she thought I have a boyfriend. She said if it's just a friend, I should say "Ein friend vor mir".

Today I realized that I’m living in Germany. I came out with Enya.

동독에서는 뭐든지 그래피티를 해야 마음이 편한 것 같다. 벽 한 편이 다 그래피티다. 여기에 히피한 사람들이 다 모여 있다. 신기하다. 이게 이 나라의 분위기를 만드는 구나 싶다. 낮에 돌아다니는 독일 사람들에게 익숙했다. 그런데 밤에 돌아다니는 이들이 정말 독일을 보여주는 것 같다.
엔야 친구인 맥스가 말하길,
담배를 말아 피우는 이유는 이게 더 저렴하서. 더 천천히 타서. 그리고 사서 피는 건 너무 빨리 타버린다고.

한국 대학생과 독일 대학생을 비교하게 된다. 한국이랑 스타일도 다르다. 정연이랑 겨울에 잘 안 만난 것 같은데. 아마 정연이는 코트에 하이힐이겠지.
기억이 안 난다. 겨울에 난 정연이를 안 만났는지도.
한국보다는 술 마시는 게 저렴하다. 안주를 안 사도 되니까
그리고 아까 보니까 한국이 하이힐 이라면 여기는 부츠. 정말. 그리고 스키니진이 아닌 펑퍼짐한 바지. 머리는 앞머리랑 단발머리. 아니면 높이 묶은 포니테일.
남자는 대략 캡이다 후디? 무튼 동독 지역이였던 곳은 좀 많이 히피하다
알게 됐다. 한국은 아주 많이 화려한 간판과 가게 외관으로 손님을 모은다면, 여기는 겉보기에 전혀 , 아에 철거된 것 같은 곳이 알고보니 콘서트 얼리는 곳
약간 기부 형식 인 것도 신기하다. 한국은 비용이 정해져 있는데.

결국 오늘 춤추지 않았다. 그것도 좀 이상하다. 진짜 한국 같다. 그런 면에서.
좀 이상하고 신기한 나라다. 신기한 건 내 시야에서 꼭 한 테이블에 한 명은 삭발한 여자가 있다는 거다.


#내이름은김삼순 에 #모모 라는 책이 나온다. 아마 고1때 이 책을 읽은 것 같은데, 책을 도무지 끝내지 못하는 나에게 이 책은 너무나 쉽고 흥미로웠고 나는 책에 흠뻑 빠져들었다. 모모, 거북이, 회색신사, 할아버지 모두 내 기억 속에 생생하다. 매우 시각적으로 동화처럼 잘 묘사한 책이었기에 줄곧 내 글에도 모모의 인물들이 나오곤 했다. #라이프치히 의 친구 엔야의 집에서 #카우치서핑 을 하는데, 그녀의 책장에서 이 책을 발견하고 얼마나 기뻤는지. #마이클엔데 가 독일인이구나. 새삼 깨달았다. 독일어로 쓴 이 책의 대사나 묘사 속에 간단한 표현으로 내가 그 내용을 내 기억 속 한글판 모모를 끄집어 내는 과정은 정말 마법 같았다. 책을 한참 넘기다 마침내 내가 가장 좋아하는 부분, 할아버지가 배가 고픈 모모에게 식사를 대접하고 아름다운 꽃을 보여주는 부분을 찾아내었다. 모모 독일어판을 너무나 사고 싶어졌다. 너무나. 나중에 아이를 낳으면 꼭 독일어로 모모 책을 읽어주고 싶다.

11:30 a.m.

I went hiking with Robert and Augustine to #connewitz #forest . It was so relaxing to get away from the car noise and be in the #nature . We climbed up on the #oaklogs and enjoyed the view of the river #elster . It’s my first time to a forest in Germany. I noticed the soil is very thin, and dark brown. They were very muddy after days of raining. There were wild flowers blooming in the forest. On the trail we enjoyed the conversation about Korea, since Augustine will be studying there next year.

#ausflug to #leipzig #connewitz #forest . #germany has #beautifulnature . I saw #winterlinge and #schneeglöckchen blooming in the forest. Then we walked to a lake #waldseelauer . Nice and calm moment for all of us. The air was filled with our laughter.

After the #forest we went to #connewitz downtown to eat doner. We had soyasteak doner together. Enya later told me it’s alternative area. There were a lot of punk people there, even aged people wearing punk. (Wow) What I like about the buildings here is that they look very classic, yet they have all those graffitis and stickers all around, making a very interesting harmony. Very creative. I like the vive here. #leipzig sure is an interesting city.


I love this #museumofcityhistoryleipzig or the #oldtownhall in #markt . The Markt is where I got off from S3 Bahn, my first impression of the city, and also my last place to visit before leaving for Berlin. Under the #bluesky the city center was #stunning . I enjoyed walking whole day, and listen to buskers’ performance. Leipzig sure is home for great musicians and performers. The city also embraces beautiful and classic architectures with delicate paintings. I’d like to come back to this city again to go to my favorite cafe, and the tomb of Nations. #leipzig


#reading #momo by #michaelende . Whenever I had #freetime in Enya’s house, I sat on the #rockingchair , sipped the tea and read this book. It didn’t matter at all that my German is not good enough. I was just in love with the story written in German. I really want to buy this book. In Joshua’s house he had Momo published in 1973. Wow

#lovely #vegandinner with Enya and Lisa. It was purely vegetables seasoned with soy sauce but it was so #delicious

Feb 16th

00:30 a.m.

This is Lisa’s #ring that changes its color depending on your #mood . When you’re happy blue, when you’re angry black, when you’re in love violet, when you’re jealous green. Last night I went to club with Enya, Lisa, Ulli and her friends.


It was #neuesschauspielleipzig and the music were hiphop and techno. We danced until 2:30. I think the last time I went to club was 2017 in September. So it’s been quite a long time. I fully enjoyed the time there. Before going to club, we had hazelnut drink and wine at Josuah’s flat. Compared to Korea, #germanclub are very individual. They don’t interact with stranger too much, I think. We came back home with night bus 60. I loved that too! It’s good that you don’t need to take a taxi to go home. I went to sleep at 3am.

I usually eat doner in #germany but I already had doner for two days with my friends in #leipzig . I thought I simply want to sit down and eat. And I looked for a cafe on Google. #riquetcoffeehouse seemed like a place to go. And I treated myself very well. I chose #breastofchicken #tampico with rice variation with peach and curry cream sauce. While waiting I wanted to know why the restaurant has symbol of elephant. I searched on Google, and it turns out that Riquet family emigrated from France to Germany in 1685. Riquet & Co. AG was a company for the production and retail sale of cocoa, chocolates, chocolates and candies in Leipzig and Gautzsch. It also dealt with tea, chinaware and oriental goods. Then the dish was served. I asked “Ist das Deutsch essen?” And the server answered “international” :) I very much enjoyed the food. It’s since Poland that I started to enjoy a fine dining by myself. It’s like a present for myself. Because I don’t go to any cafe by myself during the week. It’s lovely when you realize the history of the place you’re in. History lives here. #leipzig #leipzigcafe

12 p.m.

This is #berlin in #1969 , #gdr times. Young people are wearing #fdj shirts. Comparing China, GDR and North Korean communist party in old times is really interesting. I think China had less freedom in terms of what they wear, what they can buy and hobby wise compared to GDR. It’s so interesting scene. Looks like a #sbahn station nowadays. This is GDR permanent exhibition and I also enjoyed The Luxury temporary exhibition on the 3rd floor.

#sunset in #berlin . It’s #breathtaking to live here. Things are #beautiful because they are #temporary and #notperfect . Just like you and me. I arrived in Berlin with orange clouds. Then I watched a Galipoli related movie #thewaterdiviner directed by Russell Crowe with a bowl of popcorn and #sternberg #diesel (it’s pretty sweet beer)

Feb 18th

Today I met Hans, founder of Trouble maker (a Shenzhen-based Makerspace) and a “tech diplomat” as he calls himself. He opened the door to tech scene in #berlin . We went to #turmstrasse #edeka #foodcampus and #redlab together. Hamburg-based conglomerate Edeka started food Campus to bring innovation to food industry. We went into the Edeka where we saw #infarm , #tchibo and many food startups in food campus. Ben, a food startup founder himself, showed us around the space. The campus is like a coworking space, and you can have a hot desk for 50 euros a month. Then we walked to Red lab on #altmoabit . There were a lot of hardwares. Hans suggested me to write about tech scene in Berlin. And I told him I will think about it. He said he really liked my articles on TechNode and he added there needs to be Asian-perspective tech blog in Berlin. I #seekfor #origin and #eternal values. I think I enjoy writing about emotions, cities and ordinary people around me. It may seem useless and random, but it’s real and tangible. Today marks my two month in Berlin.

#minimalism #movienight in #neukölln . We watched a documentary about minimalism. It made me think about my #seekroad cycling trip. And now I’m so #happy living in #berlin with my few belongings. I can concentrate better. I think I should also start to share my stories here. I met these amazing Russian girls at the event, Marina and Daria. #brauhaus #brauhausneulich

Watching the documentary, I thought, yes I want to live in a small house with my future husband so that we can connect more rather than consume more

Feb 19th

[Parasite movie discussion & Oscar celebration]
where: Eva’s flat - Ritterlandweg 54 (close to Osloer strase)
when: 19th Feb 19:00 ~ 24:00
what: feel free to bring a dish or drink
Who: Eva, whoever watched The parasite

#parasite #moviediscussion at my flat. Wow it was really interesting. There were 5 ppl in the discussion, and Whitney watched it 5 times! We had a very deep discussion about the meaning of the scenes that we liked. It was interesting that ppl had different opinions about the characters. Whitney talked about Indigenous sovereignty. I still think the little boy is pure and intelligent and I was disappointed that he didn’t do much after decoding the light. And I still think Kevin had a good intentions while he was hugging the stone. How I see it is that, the water stone is symbol of being genuine, and Kevin wanted to embrace that. More than anything, I’m so happy that I met these amazing ppl through the discussion: Hawon and Whitney! Parasite connected us all ;) p.s. watching the film, Alex said “does all Korean ppl have two names? You also have two names” #lol #ritterlandweg #willkommen #homeparty

Feb 20th

Today is the #openingday of the #berlinale2020 ! I went to #canadianembassyberlin with Rafy, where we watched #survivaltrilogy and very nice #redwine . We also enjoyed watching the #waterfall from the resting area. I’m excited to watch #movies during the #festival .

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