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Eva Berlinale Film Review: La déesse des mouches à feu (Canadian film), Palazzo di Giustizia (Italian film), Mignonnes (French film)

Why I love Berlinale so much

I went to Berlinale with Rafy, my best friend in Berlin. I loved the experience, and I will try to attend future Berlinale as well. First, if you watch films for general audience (blue) then tickets are all 5 euros. So the money I spent for 6 movies was only 24 euros. (5*4 + 4 + 0 = 24 euros) Second, I love sitting right behind the director and the actors while watching the movie. I can see their movements and reactions to the scenes. Third, I love the Q&A session with directors. After the Q&A was over, I handed #seekroad #postcard to the director, and my favorite actors. I wrote their names in Korean, and told them I cycled from Seoul to London. Then I took a picture with them. Some directors and actors even gave me a hug!

Go women directors!

Apart from that, I noticed all the films that I liked so much were made by women directors. So except for the Iran film and Brazilian film, it was all done by women directors! I didn't intend it. I just chose the movie based on the time and place I were. Later I noticed that Berlinale actually gave its 40% quota to woman directors. I was very inspired by that.

Ranking of movies I watched on Berlinale

1. La déesse des mouches à feu (Canadian film)

2. Palazzo di Giustizia (Italian film)

3. Mignonnes (French film)

4. Kurzfilme 2 (Hong Kong film > New Zealand film > Iran film)

5. White Riot (British film)

6. Irma (Brazilian film)

Feb 20th

Today is the #openingday of the #berlinale2020 ! I went to #canadianembassyberlin with Rafy, where we watched #survivaltrilogy and very nice #redwine . We also enjoyed watching the #waterfall from the resting area. I’m excited to watch #movies during the #festival .

Feb 22nd


Director of Mignonnes, Maimouna Doucoure

#berlinale2020 While Rafy and I were lining up to get tickets, we luckily got free tickets for #mignonnes , a #frenchfilm by #maïmounadoucouré . I first thought that she might be an actress, but she was the director. I really enjoyed the film. Rafy mentioned the African vitality become so much westernized, and were framed erotic. She said the tremor was expressing Amy’s emotional system overload or discharging. In the movie Amy go over the boundaries. She finds her talent in dancing, maybe coming back to her African culture that proceeded Muslim. It was very layered movie intertwined with cultural clash and generation clash with a reference to African culture and French culture. I like the ending of Amy retrieving her innocence. #mignonnes_lefilm #berlinale

Kurzfilme 2

Feb 22nd

#berlinale2020 We watched #kurzfilme . I scribbled down the subtitles as I watched the films. My favorite 3 films were #comrades a #documentaryfilm by #kanasliu (It’s about Hong Kong demonstrations and there was two very strong questions raised from Chinese audience who watched the film),

Comrades director Kanas Liu answering Q&A

“How can the Hong Kong revolution protesters make a sticker calling the police as a dog, and why did you translate it as ‘beware of the police’?”
“We tried to be neutral as possible. There was a pregnant protestor, and she was beaten by Police officers with a stick. I think that’s why the protestors called them as a dog”

“I think the title was handwritten by a child. And the protesters look very naive. Are the protesters still naive as that?”
“The title was written by my sister. I wanted a youngster would write the title to make it more native. Hong Kong protesters are used to peaceful way of protesting, and so they look pretty naive having to confront police and tear gas.”

Oh wow....

Selfie with Lucy Knox, director of Hot Mother

#hotmother a #newzealandfilm by #lucyknox (it’s so dramatic. The audience were actually laughing, but the ending was such a big turn. It really made me think of my mom and our holiday) and a #iranfilm #whitewingedhorse by #mahyarmandegar (I really like the surrealistic setting of the horse, and the village the film was shoot. I really liked the ending too) What’s amazing about #berlinale is that I can ask questions to #filmdirectors and say hi to them. I saw them like heroes. It’s an amazing piece of emotion and art. They did it. I came out of the theater with stars in my eyes.

Feb 23rd


Rafy prepared a lovely #lunchboxfortwo . I was so touched. After buying two tickets - white riot and queen of fireflies - we came to my house and we enjoyed #sundaylunch together. It was of course, made with #rescuedfood from #therealjunkfoodprojectberlin . Rafy made #hummussandwich and #mozzarellasandwich with #rocketsalad , with #grapes and #radishes . I prepared #strawberries but she refused to eat it, saying that it’s not the season for it. She was so concerned with #foodmiles . We received #apples at the theater. She also prepared #gingertea with two #chinacups wrapped with the rose napkin I gave her. It was rainy day, and my socks and #chelsyboots got all soaked by rain. I changed to clean socks and sneakers, and went out again to theater with Rafy. We are traveling through different countries with #berlinale2020 . And lunchbox is our #energy and #joy .

White Riot

I didn’t like this documentary film at all. It was very boring. I think good travel or good movie should break prejudice and provide different perspective. I thought the film stayed the same. It’s still British proudness and punk culture. It’s good that it chased away racism for a while, but I don’t think it brought a new message to me or anything. I didn’t like her answer of choosing punk as a topic just because she likes punk.

La déesse des mouches à feu

I scribbled down the subtitle while watching the movie

Selfie with my favorite actor in the La déesse des mouches à feu, Robin L'Houmeau


I scribbled down the #subtitles while watching #myfavorite #canadianfilm : #ladeessedesmouchesafeu ( #thegoddessoflightbugs ) wow I loved the movie so much, and I loved the Q&A session after the movie. The main actors were sitting just in front of me. Catherine (Kelly) was sitting on my 2 o’clock direction tying her hair with two rubbers, and I could see Kevin (Robin) 3 seats away from her. I loved the character Kevin so much. I liked his aloofness and melancholy. Robin’s smile and eyes were depicted with tender. I asked Robin to take a picture with me after the movie. I held microphone and asked one question. “It’s my favorite Canadian movie. I loved how you depicted the parents’ growth to care for their daughter. But I don’t know if you fully showed growth of the main characters. Because it seemed like they were still emotionally consuming drugs.” The director said that it’s up to audience to imagine that. I liked her words about, “I wanted to draw Catherine’s perspective. Not judging for from above, beneath, on her side but just as she feels. She is alive, and she is living the moment.” Coming back home, I couldn’t help but keep on smiling. It was amazing to see the actors and director of the film that I watched, and asked them questions. I’ve never been to 영화 시사회 , so the experience was just so extraordinary. It was amazing to hear actors talking about the process of Filming. The actor who acted Pascal said, “what’s good about movie is that you can be that person in the movie, and come back to your life to make your own choice.” That was brilliant comment. Kelly said “There is a lot of love in this movie.” What a beautiful life we live in. Everytime I come to #alexanderplatz , I will remember this film and meeting the actors of the film. #berlinale2020 is amazing. My best experience so far in #berlin .


I didn't like the movie. It was so boring that I slept during the screening, and more than 10 people walked out of the theater during the screening. It was so low budget, and I didn't really get the feminist message. The first scene when the sisters are in the car, the camera was shaking so badly, and it was very disturbing. After the screening, I asked the director, "The disco, the astroid coming down, and the fossils seem so out of place. Why did you put it in?" The director said he studied archeology, and he likes fossils...... And he said the astroid coming down means the start of the new era.

Palazzo di Giustizia

Selfie with Chiara Bellosi, director of Palazzo di Giustizia


The last film I watched in #berlinale2020 was #thepalaceofjustice . It’s a beautiful movie taking the perspective of a young girl following her mom to dad’s trial. It was beautiful process how Luce and Dominica start to build bond together :) Rafy said now we have a new idiom “instead of blood brothers now we have #gumsisters !” I loved the movie. It made me think of my childhood, when I followed mom to a random place, and how boring and dreadful it was to just wait for something to happen. I loved the scene where Luce’s mom lies down on Luce’s thighs. That was really beautiful. The Roman Empire thrived partly due to its Roman law. Thinking about that, it’s amazing that something outside of the courtroom, I’d say that friendship here, can be more sustaining the human relationship and happiness. My second favorite scene was when Dominica was dancing to #starysky . Director said it was like “you are free to go now”. I also loved when Luce was eating the pasta of the worker with her hands. Director said she chose sparrow because it’s a bird that drops down often, and can be caught with hand. She said she liked it because it’s not pretty, just like the ordinary people in the film. I asked a question to director. “How do you compare film and documentary in your words, and what message do you want to bring for each medium?” Because this is the first feature film from the director, and the director is originally a documentary filmer. After the film she gave me a hug. She didn’t receive a flower after the movie so I send her this flower. We are now gum sisters! There was a journalist who mentioned that he watched the film on January with other 50 journalists and he love it so much that today he came with his daughter. I could see how much he loves his daughter. And the main character in Irma also came and asked question. What a #beautifulmemory . I felt that we all became so close together thanks to this wonderful film. That night I went to my favorite bar to have two bottles of #berlinerpilsner with my classmate Ali. We also had a nice chocolate ice cream at McDonalds. #berlindubistsowunderbar

Here's my flower to the directors and actors who came to Berlinale 2020. Parasite winning four prizes on Oscar was already such a good news to me. (Bong Junho is my favorite film director) Today I just heard that my second favorite Korean film director Hong Sangsoo won the director prize from Berlinale 2020, and Korean actress Eungyung Sim won the best actress award in Japanese Academy Film Awards. I'm so proud of Korean directors and actors.

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