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“Cycling The Silk Road: From Shanghai To London In Thirty-six Weeks” A book to inspire children and adults alike to pursue their dreams

[LONDON, JUN 2nd-] The book “Cycling The Silk Road: From Shanghai To London In Thirty-six Weeks” is designed and published by shaggydoggs publishing, based in London ( A lockdown online collaboration, this exciting book documents the mammoth 8,500km journey of Korean journalist, Chaewon Yoo, with photos and experiences of 125 cities across 14 countries. A book that starts at the end and finishes at the beginning, travelling East to West chronologically.

Chaewon Yoo, author of “Cycling the Silk Road”

Chaewon quit her job as a tech reporter and found 14 sponsors to fund her trip under her project name SeekRoad ( During the trip, her travelmate left her, her phone was dead, and her bike got stolen, but she continued on her way. The book was released on 2nd of June, the third anniversary of cycling trip departure.

The bike tour period was from June 2, 2018 to January 26, 2019. Except for China, Chaewon stayed over 90% of the days in the homes of locals. She observes the people living in Eurasia and introduces their culture, food, and stories in this book.

As for the reasons for planning a bike trip, the author says. “As a start-up reporter, I’ve been on a business trip and writing articles repeatedly to convey the fastest industry technologies and trends. When you get on a plane and watch two or three movies and arrive at your destination, your culture is completely different. There is a great difference between the Chinese and the British in their appearance and attitude. The reason for this cultural difference is that there is such a physical distance, but in modern times, these physical distances have become too close due to fast transportation and communication technology.

I wanted to experience the process of changing culture one by one while slowly moving these long physical distances on a bicycle. I wanted to see the world as slow as possible on my bike. How big is the Eurasian continent that spans Asia and Europe, what kind of life, what they think, what dreams in different places, and I wanted to see them as close as possible while riding a bicycle.”

After finishing the cycling trip in February 2019, Chaewon relocated to Berlin, Germany currently studying IMES (Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability) at Technical University of Berlin, and working for a Berlin-based IoT startup weeve as a marketing manager. Chaewon says her next goal is to cycle from Berlin to Cape Town, South Africa in the next 8 years, and to contribute to reunification of South Korea and North Korea.

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Chaewon Yoo is a Korean author, having published 3 books in the last 4 years. She is best known for her best selling book “Do business like Chinese startups (Korean)” that teaches how to expand a business in China to business owners.

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