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Croatia, Makarska: I was so hungry today

Dearest Rinny,

I think of you when I think about food. Every food I have with you is delicious. We normally start with Thukbokki and end with Patbingsu for dessert.

Rinny, I was so hungry today. As breakfast, I made a sandwich with half slice of bread, tomato, and lettuce, and drank a cup of pre-mixed coffee. After that, I bought and ate an apple around noon because I was so hungry on the road. The apple I bought in Dubrovnik was so sweet and delicious, I was amazed. So fresh and appetizing. An apple that drips its juice. I mustered up my strength and began to ride.

But I really wanted to eat some bread. Bread. I wonder how much Jean Valjean craved bread when he stole it. Yes, I wanted bread. The problem was, though, that there are no rest areas in Croatia. And the village, I think, operates on tourism, because in December, there are no bread stacked along the windows of bakeries, the doors are closed, restaurant windows are draped closed with curtains. Crap. You can only see signs that say “apartments for rent.” I would’ve been happy with bread, restaurant, stores, or whatever.

The sign that says 16 kilos remaining. I think these last 16 kilos always test my patience. When I came across a very big village, I was excited. I thought that they would have at least a store, even if not a rest area. But… the way to the village required a ride down a 100-meter incline. That’s just pain caused by my stomach. After passing the big village, a heavily wooded road appeared as soon as I turned corner ß.

God, I am very very hungry.

God is really putting me through trials. I got off my bike. And I drank the water that I haven’t touched once in the last two days. I felt the cold water entering my stomach. I heard that it’s faster to die from dehydration than from starvation… yes, water is indeed more important. After filling up my starving stomach with water, I took off one of my two layers of pants. To increase my speed with my lighter body.

When I arrived at one village, I saw a gas station sign. A gas station! All gas stations have a market in them. As I arrive in excitement, the gas station was very small with no roof, and its store sold gas and other car related liquids, and within it had a very small stand. With hope, I parked my bike and walked inside. Yes, there were snacks. Sadly, there were no bread, no milk. I carefully studied the snacks. I wanted a diget soacked in chocolate. Or something very similar. For about 3 minutes, I compared chocolate snack, crackers and chocolate, and decided on one chocolate snack and one chocolate snack bar. I paid 10 kunas and unwrapped my snacks.



Could you eat that outside?


I was a bit disappointed but I grabbed my helmet and snacks and went outside. It was cold outside… but I ate my chocolate snack and snack bar with appreciation, while looking directly at the sea. The snacks landed beautifully and safely inside my starving stomach. As with the rain during a drought, it felt that the snacks were being absorbed immediately. I ate everything except for 2 chocolate snack pieces. I never enjoyed fillng up my stomach with snacks, so I just decided to merely satisfy my hunger. I wanted to eat alive, and fresh food. Warm food. Bread, fruit, vegetable, etc. Not processed foods like this.

I pulled my strength together and pushed forward. I searched so desperately for a restaurant, that a photo of an apartment looked like a cake. A yellow house looked like cheesecake, the red roof like a cherry on top.

I rode carefully studying my surroundings wondering if I would regret going to the store, and if a restaurant would pop up. And finally, after 87 kilos of riding, I arrived at Makarska. As soon as I arrived, a number of large retailers appeared. Ha. Plus, I saw the logo of the intersports where I can get my water-resistant jacket. I rode downtown. And found a café with available wifi. Upon entering the café, I found about 15 middle-aged men all smoking cigarettes and watching soccer. Two women smoking. I ordered milk that costs 6 kunas, and checked my CouchSurfing using wifi. Dibol who had agreed to host me sent me an apologetic message 3 hours ago telling me to look for another place to stay.

I immediately searched “Makarska hostels” and found one result. I sketched the directions to the hostel on the back of my receipt. (I am currently without a cell phone)

As shown in the direction, I left the café and headed straight, and finally found the hostel. Then, I purchased a banana, a clementine, 1 pack of yogurt, bread, and 85% cacao, and returned to the hostel. 100 kunas per night. I got to enjoy a room with 8 beds all to myself.

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